point cloud creation

Translation from construction sites and systems of all kinds to a digital point cloud model.

JOURNEY to the site

I'm able to travel 1500km around Vienna to suit your needs of a Lidar scan.

SCANNING the desired section

Every site needs a different scanning pattern, the absence of people on the site while scanning is preferable, but not a must. The software can filter out moving elements in real time to a good degree.


After every scan the created file is transmitted to a control tablet, here the new scan is already roughly connected to all the information added up to this point.


IMPORT the data to your computer

The process of copying the project does not take a whole lot of time.

By now your data exists three times, on the scanner,  on the tablet and on your computer.

REGISTRATION evaluating every single scan

This takes almost as much time as scanning but fortunately the software does all the work for now.

CLEANING the project

All the scans are now one, time to clean up the things the algorithm did not catch.

And maybe it makes sense to set a new project origin, otherwise the first scan registerd will be the source point.

REFERENCE your point cloud

The file can now be attached as fundation to create and position intelligent BIM elements such as beams, windows, collumns, walls, pipes, ducts, ...

If you wanna know how you can create your own BIM Elements, have look HERE

If you need numbers you can trust,  WRITE ME!