drafting & design

HVAC - piping, ventilation and electrical systems

We are capable of drafting all necessary schematics for building infrastructure and implementing those as 3D Elements in the assembly planning process to make sure everything works with the chosen products.

  • converting schematic views into a 3D coordinated model and making suggestions to streamline;
  • assembly planning
  • checking by 3D scanning in regular intervals; before, while and after building;
  • as built status check, giving the customer 3D Models that are as accurate as possible to continue planning;


architecture - calculation, modelling and rendering

  • creation of blueprints and 3D Modells
  • Lidar Scan of existing architecture
  • modelling as built status through Lidar Information backlay


industrial design - design of parts or whole plants

  • prototyping with 3D-print output
  • ...





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Matthias Gschwandtner

Founder & 3d-engineer